Low Power FM

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At the request of NPR and others, the FCC released the FORTRAN program and data used to produce the channels available nationwide for LPFM, as listed in their used in its Third Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making in MB Docket 07-172. Since the FCC listed only the quantity of available channels by radio market, and not the actual channel numbers or available site areas, NPR Labs ran the program which is available in the "results" tab above. The worksheet summarizes the results by market, and compares the results of the FCC’s table in the Further Notice to our results. (Some discrepancies may be due to changes in the engineering database used for each study, while other unresolved discrepancies appear be due to program errors.)


The output may be helpful to stations who wish to file comments or replies in the proceeding, especially if they have pending translator application in the vicinity of the LPFM allocations.  The link below provides a download (in WinZip format) of separate files for 154 market studies.  The files provide the community coordinates for the center of the study area, followed by a series of preclusions assumed in the study (only 3rd adjacent channel protection to be exempted, as the FCC has proposed for LPFM allocations).  All construction permits and pending applications for full-service FM were considered.  Existing FM translators, as well as television channel 6 stations were, were also considered.  (See the Further Notice for more technical details on the preclusions assumed in these studies.)  The output also provides a simple matrix indicating where the channels would meet all preclusions (except 3rd adjacent).  Channels with site areas entirely over water were generally omitted.